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Sending Artwork

Once you have placed your order, you may follow these guidelines according to your individual order specifications. Please print this page for your art department or graphic artists for review.

1. Sending Files over E-Mail

We can receive all the file types listed below if they are sent via e-mail to us at Please indicate in the subject line the title for your order and/or company name. Additional comments and instructions in the message text are welcome. A common problem of sending files through e-mail is the corruption of files. To keep this from occurring, please "compress" the files. For Mac users, please "stuff" the files. For PC users, please "zip" the file.

2. Accepted File Formats

      • Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai - All Versions • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe PDF - Vector  • Generic .eps file
      • .jpg, .tif, .gif - For Digital Print Only  • Quark and In Design (Please make sure to include .pdf copy)
      • Freehand  • Windows Bitmap

3. Black and White Vector Art (Color Separated if Multi-Color)

For all vector format (.eps, .ai) files, please make sure all embedded fonts have been converted to outline. If we do not have the embedded font, your artwork will not look correct. Please make sure there are no "placed" images, if so, make sure to send images with final layout artwork.

4. Fax or PDF confirmation

When possible, please fax a copy of the artwork to us at (516) 767-9283, or attach a final copy .pdf file with your artwork.

5. Sending Hard Copies

You may ship your artwork to our address in Contact Us. Please print a complete copy of the artwork and enclose it with the disk. Please reference your order and contact information as well. Artwork may be sent via CD/DVD or Flash Drive. You may also upload your artwork to our FTP site.

6. Uploading artwork via FTP

For files larger than 5 MB, we ask that they be sent to us on disk, or uploaded via our FTP site. Please contact us for the address, login, and password.

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