Corporate Social Responsibility Donation Box

The Best Promotional Products for Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause Marketing & Fundraising Campaigns

More and more corporations are implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and cause marketing programs. Custom promotional products such as t-shirts, buttons and hats are a great way to create awareness on social causes, encourage and inspire others to volunteer and contribute, and give back to local communities.

This is a relatively new practice for many companies. Ten years ago, only a small group of Fortune 500 companies dedicated time and resources to CSR, while the majority actively avoided it to mitigate the risk of criticism from consumers. Now, we all feel dedicated to making the world a little bit better than how we found it and businesses can have a huge impact on the world around us. So, companies showing their support for worthwhile causes can help you win over customers. Customers want to give their hard-earned money to businesses that take a hands-on approach to improving our world.

Social responsibility is an important way to distinguish your company from your competitors. Sometimes customers develop a loyalty to brands not because of their sales tactics or their pricing, but because of how they give back to their community. In present day, companies are approaching CSR programs as a two-way street. They are using their position, resources, and influence to support worthy causes, and finding a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Corporate social responsibility simply cannot be overlooked as a major component of good business in today’s world.

So now is the perfect time to create an employee volunteer program, implement sustainable business practices, or form a philanthropic arm for multiple causes. The promotional products industry has adopted the philanthropic movement wholeheartedly and we are proud to offer products that contribute to various social causes!

At Joy, we are happy to help you find products that give back to a wide range of causes and create CSR awareness. Check out our featured products or contact us today.